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  • R1,850.00

Software and tools for Smartphones 2nd edition (Book) is a Compilation of key tutorials of popular and well known smartphones such as Nokia Lumia, Huawei, LG, Sony, Samsung and Apple, On this second edition, the best popular and top of the range smartphones in the market are covered. In this book we covered Nokia Lumia devices, Huawei devices and LG devices.

This book is the most to have for any cellphone repair technician who want to excellent on software of mobile phones as well as understanding the use of different Software for Flashing and upgrading these smartphones as well as tools for backing-up the information of devices before performing the Flashing.

This book made of colourful pictures and practical information will teach you how to: 
- Perform a Hard Reset on Nokia Lumia, Huawei and LG devices; 
- How and where to download firmware to flash, remove forgotten password on devices or update the device; 
- How to use secret codes to access hidden diagnostic Menu; 
- How to take a screenshot on devices; 
- Step by Step on How to flash Nokia Lumia, Huawei, LG using the right Flashing software; 
- How to put the device in Download Mode;

In this book, you will also find some useful terms in Android world which explain popular terms such as Android ROM, Android Kernel, Android Root, ADB Tools, Upgrading and Downgrading, Android Recovery, Android Boot loader, etc...

This Book “Software & Tools for Smartphones 2nd edition” particularly teaches how to correct certain software related errors to any of the mobile phone brands commonly used worldwide (namely; Nokia Lumia, Huawei, LG, etc...).

The Book “Software & Tools for Smartphones 2nd edition” is designed for anybody who desires to make at least, an additional an additional daily income with or without your computer.

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