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5 in 1-Multifunction precision Screwdrivers Set

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  • R165.36

  • R165.36

Professional 5 in 1 Portable Precision Screwdriver Tools Set


Product Description


In our daily life, we often get ourselves in trouble when electrical equipment is out of work. As their components are small and sophisticated, we need a multi-functional tool to help us. We highly recommend you this top quality and high precision 5 in 1-Multifunction precision Screwdrivers Set. Five different specifications screwdriver are accessible to most objects, such as electronic products, mechanical products, etc. All the screw heads are made of high quality material, high in strength and firm in structure. Different sizes screw heads suit various components, and you do not worry about your electrical equipment any more. It is really a practical daily necessity!

  • All the screw heads are electroplated brightly
  • High quality material are firm in texture and high in strength
  • Different and precise specifications screw heads can meet your needs anytime
  • Rubber handle is soft and comfortable to operate
  • Suitable for electronic products, digital products, mechanical products, etc
  • Widely used in every walk of life
  • Practical and economical, compact and portable
  • Lightweight, Compact, portable design, elegant and colourful looks.


  • Length:  12.8cm / 5.04”
  • Type Bit: Suite Torx, Point Star/Phillips/Flat
  • Weight: 40g / 1.41oz


1 x Phillips bit screwdriver – for the Phillips screw. All the Phillips screw of the iPhone and Motorola / Nokia / Samsung and more consumer Electronics.
1 x Torx T5 bit – for the screws of Motorola and Nokia.
1 x Torx T6 bit – for the screws of Motorola and Nokia / Samsung and more cellphone.
1 x Flat bit (-2.0mm) – for the Flat screw of iphone 2G,3G/3GS,iphone 4/4S, iphone5.


Package Includes:

§  1 x Precision Screwdriver Handle

5 x Screwdriver Bits

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