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Antistatic SMD Rework Station / Hot Air Station

Antistatic SMD ...

Product DescriptionThe ESD SMD rework Station 4-cable Heating Core Hot Wind Soldering Station adopts sensor closed loop circuit to control temperature. It will power off automatically if the wind temperature automatic is low under safe state. Also, it will cool automatically after power off to save power. With heater detection circuit, it will be in standby state automatically if the open circuit is damaged by heater, and then it can start a..

800 Lumens CREE Q5 5 Modes White Light LED Flashlight Torch Black

800 Lumens CREE...

The beam light which it gave out is bright and wide. And this bright beam can be seen miles away in the dark, that you can use it to guide your ways. Widely used, it is a really wonderful tool for household use as well repairs of mobile phone! This flashlight is featuring a high-quality material that is sturdy and durable enough for long time daily use. This torch uses of a 5W bulb / LED, producing very bright beam of light This ..

iSesamo Opening Tool

iSesamo Opening...

Features Crafted for one purposeA thin sheet of springy steel, designed to slide easily between panels and into microscopic cracks. An expertly curved tip, perfected to get the right angle on electronic casing clips. And with a no-slip grip, this tool is much more effective and reliable than other case opening methods. This tough tool nimbly pops open modern small electronics casings. Springy steel blade features a smart tip de..

Battery Charging Activating Plate board for iPhone

Battery Chargin...

Battery Charging Activating Plate board for iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S/6/6Plus Product DescriptionIf your iPhone battery has not been used for a long time, it is unable to charge when the charger is connected. At this moment, you need this Battery Charging Activating Plate for iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / 6 Plus to activate it or to boost it until it reaches it nominal voltage in order for the phone to start charging. Connecting with mai..

Original IC Service Dedicated Power Cable

Original IC Ser...

Professional Phone Service Dedicated Power Cable + Battery Activation Charge Board for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus & 6s & 6s Plus Product Description§  Brand new and high quality §  Checking the mobile phone operating current to determine the phone failure §  Activating/Boosting the dormant battery, makes the dormant battery working normally again General Specification:§  Length: About 80cm ..

4 in 1 Nano/Micro Sim Adapter

4 in 1 Nano/Mic...

Product DescriptionNano SIM adapter can convert your Nano SIM card to micro SIM card and standard SIM card, Then you can use one Nano SIM card in all mobile devices. 1.      Nano SIM card + Micro SIM card adapter = Micro SIM card 2.      Nano SIM card + Standard SIM card adapter = Standard SIM card 3.      Micro SIM card + Standard SIM card adapter = Standard SIM c..

Wireless Charging Power Charger Pad

Wireless Chargi...

QI Wireless Charging Power Charger Pad For iPhone 6S/6Plus Samsung HTC Smartphone Product DescriptionQI Wireless Charging Power Charger Pad For iPhone 6S/6Plus Samsung HTC Smartphone   Features:§  Wireless charger for smartphones under the QI-standard§  Easy to charger your phone without cables, just ..

Professional Service Dedicated Power Cable for iPhone

Professional Se...

Product Description§  Brand new and high quality service dedicated power line§  Purpose: To view the phone operating current, the current method used to determine the phone failure, can be used directly to buckle§  Easy to useGeneral Specification:§  Length: About 74cm §  Weight: 44g..

Precision cutting Scissor Tool

Precision cutti...

Product DescriptionA pair of handy and useful precision scissors is necessary in your working space. We are pleased to recommend this Small Shear precision Paper-Cut Scissors to you. The pair of scissors is excellent for your precise cutting and durable for your long-term use. With considerate design, it is suitable for repairs. When it comes to the price, this pair of scissors is very attractive and suitable for each clever consumer who doe..

5 in 1-Multifunction precision Screwdrivers Set

5 in 1-Multifun...

Professional 5 in 1 Portable Precision Screwdriver Tools Set Product Description In our daily life, we often get ourselves in trouble when electrical equipment is out of work. As their components are small and sophisticated, we need a multi-functional tool to help us. We highly recommend you this top quality and high precision 5 in 1-Multifunction precision Screwdrivers Set. Five different specifications screwdriver are accessible ..

Professional Repair Screwdriver for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

Professional Re...

Professional Repair Screwdriver for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus  Product Description Features1.      100% brand new and high quality screwdriver.2.      Specially designed for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. 3.      Professional and practical, compact and beautiful appearance, easy to carry and use. 4.      Repair and replace for screen without ..

Samsung Philipps Screwdriver All in one (1.5 x 25mm)

Samsung Philipp...

Samsung 1.5*25mm Precision Metal Screwdriver, Overall Length: 11.8cm Product Description1.      Brand new and high quality2.      Precision craft and hard screw head is not easy to be out of shape and broken when using3.      It has magnetic head4.       Design professional and practical, beautiful appearance, easy to carry useSpeci..


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Long Handle Static Brush

Long Handle Sta...

Our anti-static brushes are made from low charging materials and natural bristle materials that are near neutral on the triboelectric chart. These anti-static brushes neither give nor take electrons and, therefore, remain essentially electrically neutral. There can, however, be a slight charge created. In extreme voltage sensitive applications, these anti-static brushes should be used only in a liquid environmen..

Cramolin Flux OFF 400 ml

Cramolin Flux O...

·    Readily removes the toughest deposits of organic flux, soldering oils, and other contaminates such as grease dirt and moulding compounds from printed circuit boards and all other components.         Colourless and leaves no deposits. ·          Appearance : Clear, Colourless Liquid ·          Odour: Characteristic, Mild ·          Density at 25° C : 0,84 g/cm³ ·          Flash point: < 0°C ·          Residue: None ·          Material compatibility: Good ·          Evaporation: Average ·          Viscosity: 0,5 cP ·          Surface tension: 25 dyne/cm..

Glue B-7000 Multi Purpose Adhesive Glue (110ml)

Glue B-7000 Mul...

·          Name: Glue Adhesive·          Model: B7000·          Condition: Brand New From Factory·          Volume: 110 ml·          Colour: Clear·          Appearance: Semi-transparent Floating Body·          Solid Content: 30%-35%·          After Curing Hardness: 65-80A·          Surface Drying Time: 3 minutes·          Completely Cure Time: 24-48 hours·          Weight: 200gAll-purpose glue. Work well on multiple surfaces includes:·          Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Wood, Bamboo, PVC, Plastic,     ·          Leather, Rubber, Paper, Nylon etc. ·          Test on small area before use! ..

Aerosol Label Remover Spray  200 ml

Aerosol Label R...

·         Colour : Colourless·         Density : 0,71 G/cm³·         Odour : That of Orange·         Evaporation rate : SlowCompatibility with materials :·         Excellent : Glass, Metal and Hardened Laquer Surfaces ·         Good: platics, e.g. PVC, Acrylates, ABS, Polamide not compatible with polystyrene, Polycarbonate..

Soldering Paste

Soldering Paste...

Joint high intensity Good immersion Neutral PH7 ± 0.3 No poison and no corrosion to IC and PCB Smooth welding surface No deterioration, no dry ·         Model: ZJ-18·         Size: 2.91 in x 2.91 in x 1.57 in (7.4 cm x 7.4 cm x 4 cm)·         Quantity: 1 Piece·         Form Color: Yellow·         Material: Solder paste ·         Weight: 150g..

Glass Fibre Eraser Pen

Glass Fibre Era...

·          The Glass Fibre Eraser Pen is a high quality specialist eraser with a glass fibre nib. ·          It is a versatile instrument that has a number of uses - it can be used for cleaning connection areas on circuit boards and cleaning contacts of all kinds and to remove small rust spots etc. ·         It has a twist action mechanism to advance and retract the eraser...

Molybdenum Cutting Fine Wire

Molybdenum Cutt...

100 meters of Molybdenum Cutting Fine Wire Line for separating LCD Digitizer from the Outer Glass of Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Sony screens etc. Molybdenum wire for separating the LCD from the Digitizer. Length 100Meters. 0.10mm thick making it very easy to cut through the glue. ..

LCD Separator Machine for iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC etc.

LCD Separator M...

·         Easily separate LCD from front lens with this screen separator machine.·         Use this machine to separate the broken glass from LCD display assembly so you can reuse the LCD.·         The unit heats up the screen assembly to loosen the glue, so that you can remove it with a Molybdenum cutting wire.·         Use the wire in a sawing action to gently cut through the heated adhesive that bonds the screen·         With this device and cutting wire, you can separate LCD from front touch screens.·         1 X Separator Machine 220V·         1 X Power Cable ·         4 X Clamping tools ( As seen in picture)..

Original IC Service Dedicated Power Cable

Original IC Ser...

Professional Phone Service Dedicated Power Cable + Battery Activation Charge Board for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus & 6s & 6s Plus Product Description§  Brand new and high quality §  Checking the mobile phone operating current to determine the phone failure §  Activating/Boosting the dormant battery, makes the dormant battery working normally again General Specification:§  Length: About 80cm §  Weight: 116g..



Collection of Flashing Standalone Software is a DVD compilation of flashing software of different manufacturers such as Apple, Blackberry, China Mobile phone, HTC, Huawei, LG, MediaTek (MTK) based devices, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm based devices, Samsung, Sony as well as Firmware download platform allowing the engineer or Technician to flash any model of phone without the need of a Micro box or flashing Box.This DVD collection contains high quality software which has been tested with some of the best antivirus applications in order to avoid you getting the rampant spread of virus- and malware-infected software on the largest download portals as well as the infection of your system with multiple toolbars, spyware applications.This DVD is a most for those who want to master the mobile phone flashing.The DVD also contains many applications and PC Suite for mobile phone data back up and synchronization of various manufacturers...